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After the successful release of the Hawker, I became fascinated by the guitar tones coming out of Nashville by players such as Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, and Zac Brown Band’s Clay Cook.


I had, perhaps naively, assumed that the classic Country guitar sound was a Telecaster plugged into a Tweed amplifier. These players proved me wrong in such a big way.

Those guys are playing anything BUT a tweed amp, so a deep-dive down that rabbit
hole resulted in my latest original design, the Wheelhouse.


In similar fashion to how the Hawker captures classic British valve tones, I wanted to do the same for the sounds coming out of the studios, sessions, and live shows of Nashville.


Plug in a Stratocaster or Telecaster for big, rich, cleans that turn into thick, complex overdriven sounds when the volume is turned up. Fancy some chickin’ pickin’?

The Wheelhouse offers a natural-yet-subtle compression that augments rather than subtracts. It’ll take PAFs too, allowing the nuanced detail of those pickups to shine through.


Onboard two-knob spring reverb comes as standard


  • Volume - Treble - Middle - Bass - Reverb Level - Dwell

  • Preamp valves: 1 x 7025, 3 x 12AX7

  • Poweramp valves: 2 x 6L6

  • Valve Rectifier: 1 x GZ34

  • 40w Output

  • Spring Reverb

  • High-Quality Transformers

  • Handwired circuitry

  • WGS G12C/S Speaker

  • Footswitch for Reverb

  • Approximately 24kgs


Head - £2600
1x12" Combo - £3200
1x12" Ext Cab - £1000


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