PR6 - PR18 - PR35

The PR6, PR18, and PR35 models are inspired by the look and sounds of small-box American amplifiers coming out of California in the late 50s and 60s.

Each model delivering the power output that their names suggest, from a studio friendly 6w right up to a 35w gigging monster.

This is the ultimate amp for valve purists who value natural overdrive, vintage spring reverb, and throbbing tremolos.

Your amplifier can be ordered with a choice of '64 Black, '63 Brown, or '57 Tweed preamps

Leo first popularised Blackface and Tweed circuits in the 1950's. The former has a chimey, full frequency range that won't overdrive until higher volumes, while the latter is more unforgiving and percussive. Brownface bridges the gap between the two. This adds more midrange punch, warmth, and reins in highs.


Two inputs, one for passive guitars, the other for active.

The second input is also useful for running hot boosts, fuzzes, and other big-signal distortion pedals


A simple Treble and Bass tonestack is all that's required to dial in your tone. A mid control can be added on request


The valve-driven 'long-tank' spring reverb is controlled with a single control on the front panel. More Reverb? Turn it up!

For those wanting more control a Dwell control can be specified, allowing the player to control both the level and decay time


All models come with bias-shifting tremolo as standard, controlled by a Speed and Intensity/Depth knobs

You can order your PR with a choice of coloured jewel lights

Red, Amber, Blue, Green, or Purple


Both the Reverb and Tremolo effects can be activated using the supplied footswitch, connected with a TRS cable to a socket on the rear


The PRs run an internal 8ohm speaker.

Another 8ohm extension cabinet can be connected via the EXT. CAB socket


All Rift amplifiers come loaded with WGS ceramic speakers as standard.

Most models have an Alnico upgrade option


The cabinet is made from solid Welsh pine, with a Baltic Birch-Ply baffle and panels

For more information, along with pricing and options, please visit the Rift Store