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Elysium : Low-Gain Fuzz Pedal

The Elysium is a low-gain fuzz pedal that combines the clarity and dynamic response of a great overdrive with the raw and complex texture of a vintage fuzz.

The simple controls, combined with your guitar’s VOLUME pot allow you to dial in your tone quickly.

Fully handwired using the same parts and techniques as our amplifiers.

This pedal unlocks a new range of tones from your amp with just a tap of the switch


Each ELYSIUM pedal offers the following features:

One knob to control LEVEL

VOICE switch - move between Fat and War, or Scooped and Tight

Built to last with ease-of-servicing in mind, no fiddly PCBs or hard-to-source parts

9-volt operation with the industry standard centre-negative 2.1mm DC input socket - no battery

The pedal is true point-to-point construction using the same components as our amplifiers.

Full no-quibble LIFETIME warranty to the original owner

(proof of purchase required).


Size: 125mm x 60mm x 55mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 255g

Power: 9v @ 10mA

PRICE: £205 inc UK VAT


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