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The Plexi 18 is a stunning reimagining of the classic 18w amplifiers introduced in the 1960's.


Completely handwired using the highest quality components, these amplifiers deliver spades of classic British crunch tones.

This tw0-channel amplifier features a full TMB tonestack on one side, and just like the originals it has a simple VOLUME and TONE arrangement on the other.

Loaded with a WGS Green Beret ceramic speaker, the amp's open-back design also gives it an airy and untamed quality from a tonal perspective. In a studio environment, this means that you can mic up the cabinet from the rear and not just from the front, letting you attain a more three-dimensional sound.


  • Preamp valves: 1 x 7025, 2 x 12AX7

  • Poweramp valves: 2 x EL84

  • Valve Rectifier: 1 x GZ34

  • High-Quality Transformers

  • Handwired circuitry

  • WGS Green Beret Speaker

  • Approximately 20kgs


Head - £2300
1x12" Combo - £2500


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