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Our Bumblebee capacitor wiring looms are the best way to upgrade your guitar.


When we discovered just how good these capacitors sound in our personal guitars, we knew that we had to offer these to our customers in ready-to-go prewired wiring looms. These USA-made Jupiter Bumblebee capacitors not only ooze vintage tone, but they look the part too.

To get the most out of these wonderful capacitors, we hand-select each CTS potentiometer for each control position to ensure the best tone possible.

We’ve been doing this for years in our handwired amplifiers, so why not with our looms?



  • CTS Audio Potentiometers

  • Jupiter Bumbleebee Capacitors

  • Vintage Cloth Wire

  • CRL Strat/Tele Switches

  • Switchcraft Sockets

  • Handwired by our amplifier builders

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