Tweed Vee

"V-Front Dual Professional and Super amps from the late 1940s and early 1950s are rare and valuable. With over 20 watts of 6L6 power, a separate power switch and a pair of 10-inch speakers, they were well ahead of their time, and historically significant. However, due to the structural complexity of the cabinet that gave it its nickname, V-Front replicas have hitherto been even rarer than the real thing"

In order a make the Tweed Vee a reality, we had the chassis custom-made for us in the USA from cold-rolled steel

A mirror finish adorns the top panel with white silk-screened lettering

The top panel consists of a single tone control, two volumes (one for each channel), and four inputs arranged in a square.


A single ON/OFF switch is nestled between the fuse holder and the jewel light

The Tweed Vee can be ordered with either WGS G10C Ceramic or G10A Alnico speakers, all loaded into a handmade solid welsh-pine cabinet

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