All Rift amplifiers are either in stock or are available to order through our dealers,

Andertons Music Co. - Guildford, United Kingdom

TGT11 - Stockholm, Sweden

To order your Rift amplifier direct from our workshop, please select the model below and follow the checkout instructions

A minimum deposit of 50% is required when placing your order with the balance due on completion

The current minimum lead time for workshop orders is 12 weeks
*last updated 2nd August

Looms ship in 5-7 days

Lots of enquiries from our lovely EU customers asking about buying an amplifier directly from us after Brexit, here's the lowdown...

VAT Now Paid at Point of Arrival

As of 01 January 2021, rather than paying UK VAT at the point of purchase, VAT will be paid at the point of arrival of your amplifier into your country.


The rate of VAT will be that of your country.

VAT will be calculated at the appropriate rate on the total net value of goods where applicable.


New Online Orders

Your ordering experience will be as seamless as it always has been

The price you initially see in the store will still be in GBP and should include UK VAT (20%)
However, the store may recognise your browser's location and automatically deduct UK VAT from the listed prices

For reference, the base price for a PR18 is £2199 including UK VAT

If you are still unsure, when you have entered your address details you will see that the cart

recognises this and will automatically change the price you pay to the ex-VAT price.

From here you can proceed as normal to payment.