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22 Weeks*
Pedals - 3-4 Weeks

Last Updated - 3rd June 2024

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Due to exceptional demand for our products and worldwide supply chain delays, the lead times quoted above are the absolute earliest you might receive your order. They are neither guaranteed nor intended to be anything other than a rough guide of the expected wait time to receive your Rift Amplification product.


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EL34 - EQ and BOOST

Out of stock
Product Details

The EL34 is going to be the new secret weapon in your rig.

This pedal helps emulate the tone and harmonics of an EL34 output stage, without the need to swap valves in your amp. Simply plug and play to hear what your amplifier would sound like if it actually had EL34s.

Already got an EL34 amp? No problem, use this pedal as an extra voicing and BOOST to really push your amp into harmonically-rich overdrive.

Each EL34 pedal offers the following features:

  • Three knobs to control VOLUME, TONE, GAIN.
  • Two foot-switches, one for ON/OFF and the other for BOOST
  • Laser-cut black-anodised aluminium faceplate with screen-printed graphics
  • Built to last with ease-of-servicing in mind, no fiddly PCBs or hard-to-source parts
  • 9-volt operation with the industry standard centre-negative 2.1mm DC input socket - no battery

The pedal is true point-to-point construction using the same components as our amplifiers.

Hardware includes SWITCHCRAFT/NEUTRIK sockets and GORVA foot-switches.

Full no-quibble LIFETIME warranty to the original owner

(proof of purchase required).

Size: 95mm x 125mm x 53mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 360g

Power: 9v @ 10mA

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