The first in our new line of amplifiers, the Hawker explores the sonic heritage of great British guitar amplification. Rather than covering Plexi territory we looked at Selmer, Watkins, and a even Vox for inspiration


The result is a 1x12” 30w single channel combo with a full range of useable features, hand-wired in the UK

The Hawker has three gain-stages of amplification, a full TMB tone stack with GAIN and MASTER volume controls


1970s levels of gain are on tap for that classic ‘overcranked’ tone. Simply roll back the GAIN or your guitar’s volume control to reveal three-dimensional, multi-harmonic shimmering cleans


A pair of cathode-biased big-bottle KT66s deliver 30w into a single 12’ speaker and with a flick of a switch you can lower the power to 8w for home/studio use


We designed a unique circuit that keeps both valves ‘on’ yet in 8w mode only one conducts your guitar signal.


It delivers true single-ended tone with the benefits of a push-pull setup and hum reduction


Optimised for low-noise, this non-clipping series loop uses a discreet, high-voltage buffer and a return gain stage with level control


A true bypass switch is included if you want to remove the loop from the circuit entirely


Perfect for time-domain effects such as Reverb and Delay


Put a clean boost/low-gain pedal in the loop for an excellent solo boost

A switch located on the rear changes the dynamic response of the amplifier, switching between two separate high-voltage windings and rectification methods

Select PUSH for a strong attack with increased clarity and dynamic headroom. Every note rings clear when clean and screams when the amp is pushed into overdrive


Engage PULL for pliable sag, pre-compression, and bloom. The softer response and overall sweetness of the PULL setting really make it difficult to stop playing

The Hawker is loaded with the WGS Blackhawk Alnico.


This speaker gives the amp a pristine top end, tight mids, and just the right amount of bottom end warmth


Controls: Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master Volume, Resonance

Power Modes: 30 Watts / 8 Watts

Inputs: 1

Rectification: 1 x GZ34 (Pull) or SS (Push) - Dual High Voltage

Output: 2 x KT66 Cathode Biased

Preamp: 1 x 7025, 2 x ECC83

Speaker (Combo): 12” WGS Blackhawk Alnico 50w 8ohm

Speaker Outputs: 1 x 8ohm + Ext. Socket

FX: Series FX Loop w/Level Control and Bypass Switch

Construction: Baltic Birch Ply

Dimensions: 510 x 610 x 228 mm (excl. Feet & Handle)

Weight (Combo): 23 kg

Line Voltage: 240v 50Hz

Warranty: Lifetime to Original Owner (Excludes Certain Items)

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