Rift, what is that?

I saw a guitar once, a 1959 Gibson Les Paul in fact. The maple top on that guitar had a really cool grain pattern and flame that just looked natural, like it was meant to be. The grain wasn’t perfectly straight like a violin, it was wavy and indirect and moved where it wanted. The flame was strong in the centre then disappeared underneath before surfacing again at the edge. There were clearly no rules for this top, it just did what it did.

I loved it.


The technical term for the way this maple was sawn is Rift, which is halfway between Flat-sawn and Quarter-sawn. It’s a wasteful and expensive to cut wood that way so is not often done, but the results are spectacular. It spoke to me as something that I recognised, marching to the beat of a different drum, so I chose that word and the meaning behind it as the name of my amplifier company.

...and who are you?

My name is Chris Fantana, and I started Rift in 2013 from a small room at home (well, a cupboard really) building amplifiers for friends and local musicians. It's grown from there, quite quickly infact. In 2017 I moved into my first commercial premises where I continue to build amplifiers to order, one at a time.

In 2020 I hired my first employee, Jamie, who is my assistant and helps with all aspects of building our amplifiers.

I believe that guitar amplifiers are instruments themselves and the design, testing, and manufacturing of them should reflect that.

How do I order an amplifier?


Pop along to the SHOP page of the website, select your model, choose any options and add-ons, and then complete the checkout process.

I’ll send an invoice for your 50% deposit by e-mail which can be paid by clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button.

When your amplifier is ready for shipping, I’ll phone to let you know and take payment for the outstanding balance, then we can arrange delivery.

All models are also available through our selected dealers, details can be found on the SHOP page.


Where do you ship?


I can ship your amplifier wherever you like, whether it be home, work, next-door, providing someone can sign for it.


How can I pay?


You can pay by Paypal, Debit/Credit Card, or Bank Transfer.

Do you give a warranty on your amplifiers?


I do, and a good one at that.


All new Rift amplifiers come with a lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser against workmanship and component failure. Some items like valves, speakers, and transformers can only be covered for a certain time period. Full details on request.


Where you get your parts from?

Small, UK-based businesses if possible. I like to support the underdog. Sometimes I have to import stuff directly, that’s just part of the game. If I can have bits manufactured in the UK I will do so even if it costs a few extra pennies. I feel it’s worth it.

What about speakers?


I use WGS speakers in my amplifiers. All models come with a Ceramic speaker as standard, and most have an Alnico alternative available for those that want it. I am happy to use other speaker brands by request.



I use new production valves that have been burned-in and tested. JJ, TAD, and Tung-Sol are my favourites and I try a few in each position of the amplifier to find the best sounding combination.

I no longer stock NOS valves.

Do you sell second-hand amplifiers?

No, although occasionally I’ll sell ex-demo stock which will be listed on the website if available.

If you’ve bought a second-hand Rift amplifier elsewhere, I offer a free-checkover and discounted servicing/repairs if you need it.


Anything else I should know?


Not that springs to mind, but if you do have a further question just give me a call. I’m always free to talk about amps!