The Tweed 5T is a 2x8" combo version of the Tweed 5.
It features the same handwired features as before but uses a wider cabinet to accommodate two 8" speakers.

For the first time in Rift Amplification's history, I've decided to offer 3 versions of the amplifier, each optimized for a different instrument.

  • Guitar - Standard circuit, ready to go!

  • Blues Harp - Tweaked to get the 'Chicago' tone. A few changes in the tone circuit along with a lower gain preamp valve, you can now sound like Rod Piazza, James Cotton or William Clark - just add a good high-Z mic and lungs.

  • Electric Mandolin - I have a few friends in the Folk world and they asked me if I did an amp especially for EM. It didn't take much persuading before I was at the workbench, tweaking the 5F1 circuit to bring the best out of those 4, 5 and 8-string instruments.

I use very high quality components, sourced from UK companies if possible.
I do make a few small modifications to the original design, mainly an improved grounding scheme along with a few tweaks to make it more durable/reliable.

I stand behind every amplifier I make. Every Rift amplifier is guaranteed against defects in craftsmanship and components (excluding certain items) for the life of the amplifier (or my life, which ever ends first) as long as it remains in possession of the original owner.

Second hand amplifiers are not supported by the warranty.

Any user modifications or external modifications even by a qualified technician,
abuse and damage beyond normal wear and tear will void this warranty.


  • Preamp Valve: 1 x ECC83 (or 5751/12AY7)
  • Power amp Valve: 1 x 6V6
  • Rectifier Valve: 1 x 5Y3 (NOS 5V4GA available as upgrade)
  • Lacquered Tweed Covered, Finger Jointed Pine Cabinet
  • High Quality Transformers
  • Jupiter Yellow Vintage Tone Capacitors
  • Handwired Circuitry
  • High quality valve sockets, no rattling like the NOS ones
  • WGS G8C Ceramic speakers
  • 13" x 19" x 8.5"