The Tweed 30 is inspired by larger Tweed models of the 50s, the Pro.

A 1x15" speaker driven by a pair of 6L6s, these amps really kicked out some tone
More powerful than the Deluxe, they produce 30 Watts of 'clean' power.

Perfect for use as a clean platform in pubs/clubs and has enough headroom to take all of your drive pedals without excessive compression. Some consider them to be mini Bassmans, and I agree.

Playing these amps is all about touch response, varying your pick attack along with your volume and tone controls to get a wide range of tones from the amp. The longer you spend learning the intricacies of the tonal palette, the more it gives you back.

Available in three circuits, from the earliest TV Front through to the later Narrow Panel designs. Mix and match different circuits with cabinet designs!

All amplifiers come with WGS ceramic speakers as standard, and Alnico upgrades are available.

I use very high quality components, sourced from UK companies if possible.
I do make a few small modifications to the original design, mainly an improved grounding scheme along with a few tweaks to make it more durable/reliable.

I stand behind every amplifier I make. Every Rift amplifier is guaranteed against defects in craftsmanship and components (excluding certain items) for the life of the amplifier (or my life, which ever ends first) as long as it remains in possession of the original owner.

Second hand amplifiers are not supported by the warranty.

Any user modifications or external modifications even by a qualified technician,
abuse and damage beyond normal wear and tear will void this warranty.


  • Choice of Circuits
  • Chocie of Cabinets
  • Power Amp Valves: 2 x 6L6GC
  • Rectifier Valve: 1 x 5U4GB
  • Lacquered Tweed Covered Pine Cabinet
  • Custom Wound Transformers
  • Jupiter Yellow Vintage Tone Capacitors
  • Handwired Circuitry
  • High quality valve sockets, no rattling like the NOS ones
  • WGS Ceramic Speakers, Alnico upgrades available
  • 1x12", 2x10", 3x10". 1x15", 2x12"