The PB16 is a my homage to a small brown covered amp produced between 1961-63 by Fender, the 6G2 Princeton. It produced a robust 12w of power from a pair of fixed-biased 6V6 power valves running in push-pull configuration. It was this increase in power over the 5w of the Tweed Princeton that took this amp from the bedroom to the garage.

Some people describe the clean tones of this amp as halfway between Tweed and Blackface, and I am inclined to agree. However it is the overdrive tone that really makes this amplifier stand out, it;s just glorious. After hearing one of these amps is person, I just had to do a Rift version.

As with all Rift amplifiers, my aim is to build amps that have the same tone as the originals, yet with tweaks that bring the best out of them. With the Princeton Brown, I decided on the following 'improvements':

  • Treble + Bass tonestack - More EQ control is a great way to add versatility to the amp
  • Spring Reverb - Wonderfully lush valve-driven spring reverb in this circuit? Yes please!
  • Power increase to 16w - Just like my PR18, I knew I could squeeze a little more power out of the circuit whilst retaining it's trademark tone.
  • 12" Speaker - To help project that extra power, a good 12" ceramic speaker is the obvious choice over the original 10". More tone, improved bass response and greater depth. The WGS G12C is the obvious choice

I use very high quality components, sourced from UK companies if possible.
I do make a few small modifications to the original design, mainly an improved grounding scheme along with a few tweaks to make it more durable/reliable.

I stand behind every amplifier I make. Every Rift amplifier is guaranteed against defects in craftsmanship and components (excluding certain items) for the life of the amplifier (or my life, which ever ends first) as long as it remains in possession of the original owner.

Second hand amplifiers are not supported by the warranty.

Any user modifications or external modifications even by a qualified technician,
abuse and damage beyond normal wear and tear will void this warranty.


  • Preamp Valves: 1 x 12AT7, 3 x 12AX7
  • Power Valves: 2 x 6V6GT
  • Valve Rectifier: 1 x5U4
  • Available in Brown/Wheat or Transitional colours
  • Valve Driven Spring Reverb and Bias Tremolo
  • Custom Wound Transformers
  • Carbon Composite Resistors
  • Jupiter Yellow Vintage Tone Capacitors
  • TAD BIPOLAR Cathode Bypass Capacitors
  • Handwired Circuitry
  • High quality valve sockets, no rattling like the NOS ones
  • WGS G12C speaker
  • Footswitch for Reverb + Tremolo
  • 16.5" x 20" x 9.5"