Why should I buy a boutique amp?

One reason, the sound. 

I hate to use clichés but ‘they don’t make them like they used to’

Current production amplifiers, even ‘all valve’ models probably use PCBs, a very cost effective way to build an amplifier and if you’re doing a big run of amps it saves a LOT of time and money. Unfortunately PCBs suck the tone out of the amp, not to mention using components that will ‘do the job’ rather than the very best. If a manufacturer can save £15 on each amp and is building 1000, you can see why they do! All this means less than optimal tone from your amp.

My amplifiers are built using only the best and highest quality components, all handwired, and it makes a massive difference to the tone.


Can I come and try an amp?

Sometimes I have demonstration models available to try but they usually sell within a few days of being built. Always best to givre me a call to see what's available to try.


Do you offer free delivery?

Yes! If you don’t want to come and collect your amplifier, it can be delivered by overnight courier to your address/work/friends house (so the wife doesn’t find out)


What speakers do you use?

All Rift amplifiers come loaded with WGS ceramic speakers as standard. Alnico upgrades are available on most models.

What capacitors do you use?

All Rift amplifiers are stuffed with Jupiter Vintage Yellow tone caps.


What about valves?

I buy my valves direct from JJ and TAD. I find these to be the best modern production valves. I audition around 5 valves for each position in your amplifier and fit whichever SOUNDS best, that’s what really matters right? Some amplifiers have the option of a NOS upgrade.


Where are you cabinets made?

My cabinets are handmade here in the UK, custom stuff is available so please ask.